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"The Help" by Kathryn Stockett

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522 pages

This is a New York Times Best-selling novel about the relationships around the white residents of Jackson, Mississippi and their Black maids.

I found it entertaining and well worth your time. The book concerns the writing of a series of stories about the maid/employer relationships in their town as written by a white woman with the cooperation of a number of black maids who were very likely putting their lives on the line.

It is funny at times but poignant too as they try book try to keep their meeting secret from the dire consequences bound to develop if their efforts ever come to light within the community.

It was common, of course, for the white population to use black people for all kinds of manual labor with little regard for black humanity and with disgusting rules enforced to keep the status quo intact. At the same time these white people had black maids who frequently raised the white children along with doing all the tasks of a lowly maid in a racist society.

This might be classed more as a “Chick book” by some but I found it well worth my time.